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AngularJS Question

Use parameters with UIRouter and Components

Hello everyone I'm having some problem to use ui router with parameters.

I'm using angularfire and all my datas are in firebase.

//This is my router
.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider){
.state('home', {
url :'/home',
template :'<home></home>'
.state('projects', {
template: "<project-list></project-list>"
template : '<project-detail></project-detail>'


And this is the controller inside the component projectList

function ProjectListController($scope, $element, $attrs, $firebaseArray, $stateParams) {
var ctrl = this;

var projects_ref = firebase.database().ref().child("projects");
var projects = $firebaseArray(projects_ref);

ctrl.details = function (project) {

//$state.go('project-details', {: project.$id});
projectId = project.$id;
return projectId;


How do i make that ":id" to work? What I basically want is to have page where all the projects are listed and once I click one link i need the url to be something like "{projectId}

Do you have any suggestion for me?


Change state projectDetails to projects.details. Also, give it it's own controller e.g.:

     template : '<project-detail></project-detail>'
     controller : 'ProjectDetailsCtrl as projectDetailsCtrl'

And in your ProjectDetailsCtrl, you will have access to the $stateParams. e.g.

.controller('ProjectDetailsCtrl',['$stateParams',function ProjectDetailsCtrl($stateParams){

Trigger the navigation to the project via a controller using $state.go('projects.detail',{id:projectId}); assuming projectId is a variable with the project id as value. Or via an element using ui-sref="projects.detail({id:projectId}) assuming projectId is available as data to your view.