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Updating dynamic QGridLayout - Python PyQt

I recently started studying Python and now I'm making a software with a GUI using PyQt Libraries.

Here's my problem:
I create a Scrollarea, I put in this scrollarea a widget which contains a QGridLayout.

sa = QtGui.QScrollArea()
sa_widget = QtGui.QWidget()

Then I add 10 QLabel (this is just an example of course, in this example I'm using a QGridLayout just like a Vertical Layout):

i = 0
while i<100:
i = i +1
add = QtGui.QLabel("Row %i" % i)

Then I create a button that calls the function "function_name", I want that this function deletes a row, so far this is what I've written:

tmp = QtGui.QWidget()
tmp = self.sa_grid.itemAt(0)

It deletes the first row and every x row of the gridlayout becomes row x-1, however, it doesn't delete the text "Row 1" so I see "Row 0" and "Row 1" on the same row.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot in advance, Davide

Answer Source

Removing an item from a layout does not delete it. The item will just become a free-floating object with no associated layout.

If you want to get rid of the object completely, explicitly delete it:

def deleteGridWidget(self, index):
    item = self.sa_grid.itemAt(index)
    if item is not None:
        widget = item.widget()
        if widget is not None:
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