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C++ Question

Designation and explanation in documentation of project

My question is about overview of hierarchy of interaction. I am trying to understand one project. which was written by another programmer. See attach.

I am confusing with two things:

1) direction of the arrows (I know in inheritance it should have been pointed to another direction, but here is no inheritance! So could such scheme exist or it is wrong?)

2) marks like "+", "-" and "#" (I have not ever seen such designation, but since nothing is said in the article I read, I am wondering, is it a common explanation or also inaccuracy? )

Thanks in advance!

enter image description here

Answer Source

As noted in the commends, those notations are of UML language. For your questions:

1) From the first diagram, the arrows do not look like inheritance, but rather dependencies, e.g., playerwindow must include QMainWindow.

2) The signs like #, + and - are of UML language notations and in that case they denote protected, public or private functions or variables.

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