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Logcat stopped working in Android Studio

Logcat has stopped working for me again in Android Studio. Last time it happened I had to reinstall the IDE, and I want to avoid it again.

What I did for this to happen was changing...

Log.d("WRONG", "TEST");


Log.d("LOG", TEST");

and then changed the tag back to "WRONG" again. Now Logcat wont show any of my debug messages even if I remove WRONG from the filter when the app is running on my phone. The emulator still provides debug messages.


I already tried:

  • Checked if Android Device Monitor is active.

  • Restarting Logcat.

  • Change from Verbose to Debug and back to Verbose.

  • Unplugging the phone.

  • Restarting Android Studio.

  • Invalidate cache / Restart (in File menu).

  • Uninstalling the app.

  • Restarting the computer.

  • All of the above at the same time.

  • Changing phone.

  • Switching USB cable.

  • Opening Android Studio Manager. It bugged out and the log told me »java.io.IOException: The folder "C:\Users\Logga%20in.android\monitor-workspace.metadata" is read-only.«

[edit: tried even more solutions]

  • Using the terminal in Android Studio. Going to android sdk\platform-tools folder and typing adb kill-server followed by adb start-server.

  • opening Dalvik Debug Monitor through Command and checking the log there.

  • adding android:debuggable="true" to the manifest (under the application tag).

I'm using Android Studio 2.1 but the same thing happened when I was using 2.0b.

Answer Source

I finally got the log to start working again.

I did some updates in Android Studio, mostly just the repositories, but what I think was the real solution was to turn off my phone and have it turned off for about fifteen minutes. After that, the log started to work again.

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