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How to find the Apple Push Notification Delivered to user or not from our server?

Am new to Apple Push Notification services in iPhone app. I have learned these tutorials and apple document,



We are pushing a notification from our server (PHP) to Apple Push Notification Server and APNS will push the notification to devices. In this case how we can know the notification has delivered the user successfully or not from our server? If we send notification to all subscribed users (above 100 users) can we have a delivery report for those 100 users?

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APNS does not tell you if a message is successfully delivered. The closest you can get is pull its Feedback Service to see if your app is uninstalled from a device. Check out this SO post for an idea how: PHP technique to query the APNs Feedback Server

What you can do is have your iOS app record something whenever a push notification arrives with application:didReceiveRemoteNotification but that only works if your app is running in the foreground.

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