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C# Question

How to create xml from a template-c#

I have a xml template like this


Form this xml template file,dynamicaly i want to generate an xml.How can i do this.

Output xml should look like this


How can i achieve this.What all changes i need to make in template file.How to read and create xml from this tempalte xml file using c#.

Answer Source

You can use XmlSerilizer and create a simple class with properties according to the template:

public class User
   public UserId{get;set;}


And serialize the class to XML file.

There's a good example here.

Option #2:
If for some reason you do not want to use XmlSerilizer use XmlWriter - in order to prevent forgetting to close elements I suggest you use "AutoClose" XmlWriter - I've blogged about how to create this simple class on my blog - XmlWriter that automatically close elements using IDisposable

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