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Javascript Question

Chaining results with Bluebird

Is there any convenience method in Bluebird for a resolution chain where the input for each element is the resolved value from the previous element (unless it is not a function)?

I'm trying to chain the following logic into a single method:

function getClient() {
// resolves with the client

function getClientProduct(client) {
// resolves with the product

var response = {}; // global response object;

function prepareResponse(product) {
// prepares global response object, resolves with `undefined`

promise.someMethod(getClient, getClientProduct, prepareResponse, response)
.then(data=> {
// data = the response object;

I'd like to avoid having to write the following (if possible):


Answer Source

Those arrow functions are meaningless. You can do simply


There is no convenience method to shorten that further - I guess you don't want to consider

[getClient, getClientProduct, prepareResponse].reduce((p,fn)=>p.then(fn), Promise.resolve())

For the last one, you can use the .return(response) utility method.

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