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Python Question

tkinter in Spyder

I am trying my first steps in

. I use
as IDE in Python 3.5.1 |Anaconda 4.0.0.

I want to run the very simple script below but it always crashes my Spyder. In a normal shell/bash it runs though and opens the canvas.

import tkinter as tkr

tk = tkr.Tk()
canvas = tkr.Canvas(tk, width=500, height=500)

for the Ipython Console I already tried different settings (i.e. Qt, Automatik, Tkinter) but none of it did help.

What am I doing wrong (and how can I do it better)?

many thanks in advance

Answer Source

update to Spyder 3.0.1

I just did this on win 10: no crash, got blank "tk" separate window

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