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PHP log file color

I'm writing a PHP log file class but I want to add color to the line that is written to the file.

The issue I'm having is the color changes the color of the terminal as well, what I want to achieve is to change color of line written to the log file only.

class logClass extends Singleton {

private function checkDate() {
return date("onSj");

public function logNotice($str) {
$this->write($str, "\033[33m");

public function write($string, $color) {
$fileName = $this->checkDate();
$handle = fopen('error.log', 'a');
fwrite($handle, "$color" . date("Y-m-d H:i:s") . $string . "\n");

Answer Source

You should add an end color mark sequence. Eg: sprintf("\033[33m%s\033[0m", $text)

Here is a list of color codes taken from

$colorFormats = array(
        // styles
        // italic and blink may not work depending of your terminal
        'bold' => "\033[1m%s\033[0m",
        'dark' => "\033[2m%s\033[0m",
        'italic' => "\033[3m%s\033[0m",
        'underline' => "\033[4m%s\033[0m",
        'blink' => "\033[5m%s\033[0m",
        'reverse' => "\033[7m%s\033[0m",
        'concealed' => "\033[8m%s\033[0m",
        // foreground colors
        'black' => "\033[30m%s\033[0m",
        'red' => "\033[31m%s\033[0m",
        'green' => "\033[32m%s\033[0m",
        'yellow' => "\033[33m%s\033[0m",
        'blue' => "\033[34m%s\033[0m",
        'magenta' => "\033[35m%s\033[0m",
        'cyan' => "\033[36m%s\033[0m",
        'white' => "\033[37m%s\033[0m",
        // background colors
        'bg_black' => "\033[40m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_red' => "\033[41m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_green' => "\033[42m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_yellow' => "\033[43m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_blue' => "\033[44m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_magenta' => "\033[45m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_cyan' => "\033[46m%s\033[0m",
        'bg_white' => "\033[47m%s\033[0m",

Example usage:

sprintf($colorFormats['green'], $someText)

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