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Javascript Question

How can I use Node.js Offline/locally?

Maybe i'm misunderstanding how Node.js works but, I would like to use it just as a server backend for a web app, without it running as a service/listening a port.

I'm willing to hear ideas to better solve the issue, this app will only be available on our intranet.

Example of what i'm thinking :

backend server.js :

function connectDb(usr, pwrd){
//Some npm package code to connect to a db
return console.log("Sucessfully connected")

frontend javascript.js :


$(".connect.button").on("click", function(e){
connectDb($(".connect.user").text(), $(".connect.pwrd").text())

Answer Source

There are two aspects with your question and code example that tickled me, and on which you could work to get a better understanding of the ecosystem.

Client / Server

When a client wants to get some resource from a server, it connects to a specific port on that server, on which the back-end application is "listening". That means, to be able to serve resources coming from a database, you must have a Node process listening to a port, fetching the requested resources from the database, and returning them. The perfect format for that kind of data exchange is JSON. To get a better understanding of this process, you may want to try and write a simple Node app sending a piece of JSON over the network when it receives a request, and try to load it with an XHR in client code (for example with JQuery's AJAX method). Then, try and serve a dynamic piece of JSON coming from a database, with a query based on the request's content.

Module loading

require("server.js") only works in Node, and can't be used in JavaScript that is running in a client's browser (Well, at least for now. Maybe some kind of module loading could be normalised for browsers, but that's another debate.). To use a script in a client browser, you have to include it in the loaded page with a <script> tag. In node, you can load a script file with require. However, said script must declare what functions or variables are exposed to the scripts that require it. To achieve it, you must export these variables or function setting module.exports. See this article to get some basic understanding, and this part of Node docs to master all the details of module loading. This is quite important, as this will help you structure your app and avoid strange bugs.

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