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What is the in-place alternative to Array.prototype.filter()

I've got an array that I would like to remove some elements from. I can't use

, because I want to modify the array in place (because it saves a memory allocation and, more important for me, makes the code more simple in my use case). Is there an in-place alternative to
that I can use, maybe analogously to how
can be used as an in-place variant to

Edit: Minimum example upon request:

function someCallback(array) {
// do some stuff
array.filterInPlace(function(elem) {
var result = /* some logic */
return result;
// do some more stuff

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Is there an in-place alternative to filter

No, but it's not hard to write your own. Here is an approach which squeezes out all the values which fail a condition.

function filterInPlace(a, condition) {
  let i = 0, j = 0;

  while (i < a.length) {
    const val = a[i];
    if (condition(val, i, a)) a[j++] = val;

  a.length = j;
  return a;

condition is designed to have the same signature as the callback passed to Array#filter, namely (value, index, array). For complete compatibility with Array#filter, you could also accept a third thisArg parameter.

Using forEach

Using forEach has the minor advantage that it will skip empty slots. This version also implements thisArg and does a minor optimization of skipping the assignment if we have not yet encountered a failing element.

function filterInPlace(a, condition, thisArg) {
  let j = 0, squeezing = false;

  a.forEach((e, i) => { 
    if (, e, i, a)) {
      if (squeezing) a[j] = e; 
    } else squeezing = true;

  a.length = j;
  return a;