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Bash Question

How to reverse-i-search back and forth?

I use

often, and that's cool. Sometime though when pressing
multiple times, I pass the command I am actually looking for. Because
searches backward in history, from newest to oldest, I have to:

  1. cancel,

  2. search again and

  3. stop exactly at the command, without passing it.

While in
prompt, is it possible to search forward, i.e. from where I stand to newest. I naively tried
, no luck. I heard about
but this is not what I am expecting here. Anyone has an idea?

Answer Source

There is a similar question here:

Control-r reverse-i-search in Cygwin bash: how do you "reset" the search?

Found another similar question on Super User:


Apparently, both mention Ctrl+s, which may do the trick.

Hope that helps. I myself am trying to find a piece of code that does the reverse-i-search in order to check how it has been implemented exactly.

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