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R Question

Regex to replace at least 5 digits in an character string

I have a column in a data frame with addresses that are a composite of unit/house number, street name, locality, postcode, and phone number.

the postcode is a four digit number.

Here is an example:

"26A JULIA STREET ANYTOWN 8523 71245632"

I want to strip the phone numbers but keep the postcodes and other numbers to return:


I have tried the following:

str_replace(string=field_name$ADDRESS, pattern="\\d{5,}", replacement="")

It does not remove the phone numbers. Can anyone point out where I am going wrong.

Answer Source

I personally like the extra detail of the stringi package (and stringr just wraps it anyway):


field_name <- data.frame(ADDRESS="26A JULIA STREET ANYTOWN 8523 71245632", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

stri_replace_last_regex(field_name$ADDRESS, "[[:digit:]]{5,}", "") %>% 
## [1] "26A JULIA STREET ANYTOWN 8523"
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