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SonarRunner: Unable to find file warning

I have configured an Android sample app project in order to detect Lint errors and include them into SonarQube server. Everything works fine but when I explicitly introduce an error in

(deleting the
line), the sonar-runner execution shows the next warning:

16:33:57.681 WARN - Unable to find file C:\Code\Android\SampleApp\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml to report issue

The path is OK, so that is not the problem. Moreover, the error is located properly when I make
gradle lint
and written into

message="Should explicitly set `android:allowBackup` to `true` or `false` (it&apos;s `true` by default, and that can have some security implications for the application&apos;s data)"
summary="Missing `allowBackup` attribute"
explanation="The allowBackup attribute determines if an application&apos;s data can be backed up and restored. It is documented at

By default, this flag is set to `true`. When this flag is set to `true`, application data can be backed up and restored by the user using `adb backup` and `adb restore`.

This may have security consequences for an application. `adb backup` allows users who have enabled USB debugging to copy application data off of the device. Once backed up, all application data can be read by the user. `adb restore` allows creation of application data from a source specified by the user. Following a restore, applications should not assume that the data, file permissions, and directory permissions were created by the application itself.

Setting `allowBackup=&quot;false&quot;` opts an application out of both backup and restore.

To fix this warning, decide whether your application should support backup, and explicitly set `android:allowBackup=(true|false)&quot;`"
errorLine1=" &lt;application
errorLine2=" ^"

What can be causing this warning and why the error is not shown in SonarQube server?

Answer Source

This warning is shown because the xml file is not indexed by the platform. As a consequence the android lint plugin tries to report your issue but the file cannot be found on the server side.

This is a current limitation of the platform that should be addressed very soon.

To workaround this limitation and index your xml file you can either :

  • install the xml plugin (which will force indexation of xml files)
  • if you are using SonarQube 5.1 you can set sonar.import_unknown_files to true.

(you can also have a look at this thread for a little more info)

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