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"Spotify like" dragging bottom player in swift

I would like to have a bar/button at the bottom of my screen that behaves like the mini player bar on Spotify. If I click on it, a view appears from the bottom. If I drag it, I can play with it and make it go up and down. And if I release it, it continues up by itself.

I checked that question: How to animate an object vertically with touch like Spotify's music player does when tapping the song, but it only resizes an (image) view where I want to put a new ViewController (and I cannot drag it, only click it).

I found a project that does that: and it looks like it works pretty well. It is really something like that that I want to achieve.

My problem is that I have almost no knowledge of objective-C. Moreover I tried to follow the Integration tutorial and I cannot add a custom segue from ARSPContainerController. I need to drague it from an object, and there is none in the sample project. Therefore I would like to know if:

  1. there is a name for this kind of specific bottom bar (for easier research purposes) and the way I would like to use it.

  2. there is a Pod/project that does that in swift.

  3. someone has a sample project that has this behaviour?

Answer Source

Isn't it very close to what Apple Music is doing? If so, you might be able to use this:

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