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CSS Question

Make appear a text with several clickable lines

I have a table. For certain elements, I want to make an effect such that when we mouseover (or click on) an element, a text appears next to it, and the text could have several lines and some lines can be clickable.

For example, in the table made by the following code, when we mouseover

, a text appears

<table style="width:100%">
<th>First Name</th>
<td><span title="monday: 10; tuesday: 10; wednesday: 10">30</span></td>


However, I would like the appearing text to be
monday: 10
tuesday: 10
wednesday: 10
line by line. And we can click on e.g.,
monday: 10
to open a page or move to another section of the page.
does not permit of this.

Does anyone know how to realise this? We could use JavaScript, CSS...

(* this thread did not explain how to insert links in the appearing text *)

Answer Source

You can try tooltips with links

This is an example with JQuery

You can try simple tooltips like below with links 
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