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Xcode not recognising new outlet and action connections

I have recently been experiencing a problem with Xcode 7 & (8 Beta) that when I try to add a new outlet or action connection I get this problem below, stating that Xcode could not find any information relating to that certain view controller. I have tried numerous steps to try to fix this problem but found none that actually fully solve my problem.

enter image descripton here

I had tried the following solutions:

  • Deleting Xcode's Derived Data

  • Deleting and reinstalling Xcode

  • Cleaning my project

  • Creating a new project and transferring the existing project into the new one

  • Programmatically creating an action or outlet

  • Removing the class name from the storyboard and creating a new one or placing the class name back into the storyboard

  • Force quitting Xcode and restarting my machine

  • And probably more!

Below I have posted my solution to this bug/problem.

Note: This solution is for Xcode 6 onwards

Answer Source

To solve the above bug follow these simple steps:

Note: Before starting this process I recommend that you fully backup your projects. I believe nothing will happen to your projects but it's worth taking the precaution.

Step 1

Force quit Xcode and open Finder

Step 2

In Finder press cmd + shif + g

Step 3

Enter ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/ and delete the DerivedData folder (Make sure you empty your Trash)

Step 4

Open Terminal and enter: defaults delete

Step 5

Open Xcode and the bug should be solved!

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