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PHP Question

Can't access stdObject array using [] or -> operators

I have an

and its
result is below:

array(1) {
object(stdClass)#853 (2) {
string(2) "John"
string(8) "Smith"

I am trying to make a new variable
by using
. It doesn't work, gives the error
Undefined index

Then I tried using the
operator on
$name->firstname + $name->lastname
. Gives the error:
trying to get property of non-object

How do I go about this?

Answer Source

$name[0]->firstname . $name[0]->lastname;

Basically you were trying to access an array as an object. You can see from your var_dump that the variable contains an array. That array contains an object with 2 properties. So $name[0] gives you the object, and ->firstname accesses the firstname property of that object.

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