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List of most useful plugins for android studio

I am searching for list of most useful plugin with its working so that i can do my work productively using those plugin.

I found android code generator is good for Automatically generating code.

Similarly, you can share the name and detail how to use it.

It will be very helpful for me.

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  1. Material Design Icon Generator

To develop apps based on Material Design Patterns you need to add Material Icons, but I find the Material Icons Guide frustrating and needs a lot of work. This plugin helps you build Material Design Icons in a couple of steps.

2.Convert SVG to Android Vectors The mindset change of Material Design bought new approaches towards app icons, logos and static images. Asset formats changed from traditional image formats (.png, .jpg, etc …) to Vector Drawables. The SVG2VectorDrawable plugin let’s you convert SVG images to vector drawables (i.e. .xml files) so you can use them as layout drawables

  1. Minimap If you have used editors like Sublime, CodeGlance might be what you need to make your IDE more enjoyable and easier to navigate large class files.

  2. ADB over Wifi This is simple plugin that let’s you debug Android apps over Wi-Fi, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

  3. ADB Commands

ADB Idea aims to speed up the day of an Android developer by giving access to crucial terminal commands. I found this tool helpful after the release of Android Studio 2.0, and the addition of Instant Run. Whilst it’s a great feature, sometimes the quick build doesn’t pick up small changes and you have to rebuild and reinstall the project. This makes quick access to ADB commands invaluable.

  1. Generate Parcelable Objects At some point during app development, you will have to deal with Parcelable objects in java. Parcelable objects send data to different components of an application, system components, or other applications installed on the device. When an app needs Parcelables, developers need to build them manually, or can use the Parcelable boilerplate code generation tool to generate an implementation based on fields of the Parcelable class.
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