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New Symfony 3 installation: Could not open input file: app/console in composer install

I installed a fresh symfony3-instance via the official symfony-installer ( After doing the first things, I commited the project to Git and cloned it the other day on another computer.
After the cloning I ran "composer install" to install all the symfony-dependencies.
Now comes the problem: The script

stops with an error:
Could not open input file: app/console
Thats right - symfony3 has a new directory-structure - so the
resides now in
- not in
How can I tell composer/the project to use the new structure instead of the old one?

I read here (What is the new Symfony 3 directory structure?) about the console-command
- but that doesn't work in my case.

Any tips?

Answer Source

The ScriptHandler take the dir from the extra config key in the composer.json files names as symfony-bin-dir. So check that the composer contain the correct configuration key, as example:


"extra": {
    "symfony-app-dir": "app",
    "symfony-bin-dir": "bin",
    "symfony-var-dir": "var",


The problem was related to che cache of composer, so it was solved clearing it with the command:

>php composer.phar clear-cache

Hope this help

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