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Android Fragment waiting on another Fragment's data

I have question about fragments updating values to each other.

I have a fragment called

and another called
. UserFragment gets the user data and the carFragment gets multiple cars for the user owns. I then need to save this.

So, first, in the userFragment, I will have user details. Then, before I want to save the details, I will need to know if the car details has been populated/provided before saving the user data as a whole. Once provided, I can save it.

public class UserFragemnt extends Fragment {

private EditText mUserName;
private EditText mUserOccupation;
private String [] muserCars = null;

mUserName= (EditText) view.findViewById(
mUserOccupation= (EditText) view.findViewById(

if (userCar != null){ //so here i want to be sure the data is set by the carFragment
//call saveUserdata()

//this function gets called by the main activity
public void getUserCarsString [] userCars){
muserCars = userCars;

So the question is, What is the best way for the carFrament to get me/set the data, so that when I go to save it, I have the data? So one thing to note in this question is, userFragment needs to wait on the data before saving.

I have read about having an interface, then defining it in the main activity. I did it as such with a conditional check to see if the car details are updated. I don't think this is the best way. I followed this example:

Also briefly read about Binding data variable:


Answer Source

When attaching your Fragments to an Activity make sure to assign them their own unique tags.

  .add(, new CarsFragment(), "CARS")

Once you have them you can reference one Fragment from the other using:

CarsFragment cars = (CarsFragment) getFragmentManager().findFragmentByTag("CARS");

You can now expose some additional method in your CarsFragment that will return any information you need inside the UserFragment - like getSelectedUserCar(). You can use a result of that method later on to decide whether you want to proceed with saving user's data.

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