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How to limit the size of suggestion drop down in sap.m.multicombobox?

I am using sap.m.multicombobox within a page and that page has footer. I am placing this multicombobox in the page header.Now if I click the multicombobox dropdown button then it will show all the suggestions and this is blocking the footer buttons. So I want to limit the size of dropdown suggestions without setting the suggestion limit. if there are more suggestions dropdown should come but it should be there within footer content.
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There is no property directly avaialble to set the size of the dropdown. There is a way to do it, but let me warn you that it is not the standard approach to do it. When you try to select a value inside a Combobox/MultiCombobox, it will create a Popover control inside which is a List control. You can set the height to this Popover by getting the reference to the internal Popover control.

var oCombo = this.byId("MyComboBox"),
        oPopOver = oCombo.getPicker();
oPopOver.setContentHeight("400px"); //Set height accordingly 
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