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Jump It Number Game - Python

I'm trying to create a simple game of "Jump It", it's supposed to take the numbers in a line (input obtained from an file), and find the cheapest route to get to the end. It takes the numbers in positions 1 & 2 and compares them to find which one is smaller, then adds that to the total "cost", then goes on to the next two.

So for the line 0 3 80 6 57 10, the cheapest route would be 3+6+10 for a total of 19. The current error I am getting is "index out of range", how would I fix this error?

def shouldJump(A):
cost = []
for line in A[0]:
if (A[1] > A[2]):
elif(A[1] < A[2]):
print(cost, end='\n')

def main():
# This opens the file in read mode
filename = open('input.dat', 'r')
# Read in all the lines of the file into a list of lines
linesList = filename.readlines()
rows = [[int(n) for n in row.split()] for row in linesList]
myData = [[int(val) for val in line.split()] for line in linesList[1:]]

Answer Source

Here is a simple recursive code written in Python 2.7. Have a look:

def shouldJump(A,i,n):
  if i>n-1:
    return 0
  elif i+1>n-1:
    return A[i]
    if A[i]<A[i+1]:
      return A[i] + shouldJump(A,i+2,n)
      return A[i+1] + shouldJump(A,i+2,n)

A = [[0,3,80,6,57,10],[0,1,5,7,2]]
cost = []
for line in A:

print cost

Output: [19, 3]

Hope it helps!!!

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