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Loop to fill matrix by row in R

I know this is a very basic question, but I can't seem to find a direct answer anywhere. My real code is performing some calculations on a list of spatial polygon data frames, then slotting the metrics calculated into a pre-allocated matrix. My problem is that when I call the matrix after the loop again, it's still empty. I've created toy code that maintains this issue.

#create the columns to be filled
colnames(empty)<-c("NF", "PF", "AA")

lapply(1:4, function(x){
#Proportion of forest
PF<- 4
#Average fragment area
AA<- 6
#plug them into my awaiting columns
empty[x,]<-c(NF, PF, AA)



[1,] NA NA NA
[2,] NA NA NA
[3,] NA NA NA
[4,] NA NA NA

989 989
Answer Source

The problem is that you fill in the matrix within lapply which does not work. You could do instead:

l <- lapply(1:4, function(x){
  PF<- 4
  AA<- 6
  c(NF, PF, AA)

m <- matrix(unlist(l), ncol = 3, byrow = T)
colnames(m) <- c("NF", "PF", "AA")

#     NF PF AA
#[1,]  2  4  6
#[2,]  2  4  6
#[3,]  2  4  6
#[4,]  2  4  6

Its more efficient as you do not grow the matrix within a loop.

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