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jQuery Question

Twitter API or Rest API - Use jQuery only to retrieve data?

According to this topic: Follower count number in Twitter

I'm using this code:

url: "",
dataType : 'jsonp',
crossDomain : true
}).done(function(data) {


And this:

<span id="followers_count"></span>

To retrieve the followers count from Twitter Rest API, but it's not working.
I'd like to know if there is any way to retrieve that data, using REST or not, and with jQuery only. No php, only javascript, JSON or jQuery.
Is it possible to use any javascript library for that?
I can't use php, got my own reasons.

Answer Source

I think your issue is that you are appending an unidentified variable followers_count is not defined anywhere.

var followers_count = data[0]['followers_count'];

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