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C - Mutex attributes

Can I create and use only one mutex attribute to initialize multiple recursive mutexes? Or do I have to create one mutex attribute for each mutex I want to create?
Basically I the following code correct?

int err;
int bufferLength = 10;
pthread_mutexattr_t recursiveAttr;
pthread_mutex_t mutexes[bufferLength];

for(int index = 0; index < bufferLength; index++){
err = pthread_mutex_init(&mutexes[i], &recursiveAttr);
if(err != 0){
perror("Error initializing the mutex");

Answer Source

You can use the same attribute object for multiple mutexes.

Note however, that the pthread_mutexattr_t object you're using must be initialized itself. To initialize a pthread_mutexattr_t you must use pthread_mutexattr_init (and eventually, pthread_mutexattr_destroy), both of which should be done once. Your current code makes no such calls, and should do so to be compliant.

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