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Babel doesn't seem to work

I have a project built in WebStorm 2016.2.2, Node.js 6.6.0 and TypeScript 1.8.

For some reasons, which are specified here: ES6 import and export are not supported in Node.js, I need to use Babel.

I have installed Babel and babel-preset-es2015 and I have added a file watcher, but I'm still getting an "unexpected token import" error. It looks like babel doesn't work.

1) Do I need to take an additional action in order to transpile my js files to ES5?

2) What version of ES should I set the "JavaScript language version" to in WebStorm settings?

3) Is Babel supposed to generate another file with the output as TypeScript compiler does?

Any help will be profoundly appreciated!

Answer Source

here are the Babel file watcher settings that work for me:

Arguments: $FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$ --out-dir $ProjectFileDir$/dist --source-maps  --presets es2015
Working directory: $ProjectFileDir$
Output Paths to Refresh: $ProjectFileDir$/dist/$FileDirRelativeToProjectRoot$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$.js:$ProjectFileDir$/dist/$FileDirRelativeToProjectRoot$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$

it compiles files to separate directory, preserving original file names, so that require() work; also, WebStorm is aware of generated files, as file system is correctly refreshed once the compilation completes

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