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Linux Question

Can't find spark submit when typing spark-shell

I've been following this tutorial to install spark for scala:

However, When I try to run

I receive this error in my console.

/usr/local/spark/bin/spark-shell: line 57: /usr/local/spark/bin/bin/spark-submit: No such file or directory

My bashrc looks like this:

export PATH = $PATH:/usr/local/spark/bin
export SCALA_HOME=/usr/local/scala/bin

So what am I getting wrong? I've installed spark for python before but now I'm trying to use scala. Is spark confusing the variables? Thanks.

Answer Source

You have one bin too many in the path it's searching:


should be


The SPARK_HOME should be /usr/local/spark/ in your case, not /usr/local/spark/bin/ as it seems to be the case now.

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