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Javascript Question

Getting crossDomain after login section

Im doing a crossdomain request trought my node.js server but the website requires login to get the messages.

Every thing i did try i couldn't get in the message section
I only get the statis html with this

request.post("http://webchat.chatbelgie.be/", {
autoconnect: 1,
channel: "chat.be",
nick: "Polar"
}, function(err, data){

Answer Source

That looks like an IRC chat.

You might be more lucky to try and use the IRC protocol directly, with the help of the irc package

var irc = require('irc');
var client = new irc.Client('irc.chatbelgie.be', 'yourNick', {
    channels: ['#games'],
client.addListener('message', function (from, to, message) {
    console.log(from + ' => ' + to + ': ' + message);
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