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MS Azure java client code throws the error

I try to code MS Azure java client code like below,

Configuration config = ManagementConfiguration.configure(
new URI(uri),

ManagementClient mclient = ManagementService.create(config);

System.out.println("Azure URI Path : " + mclient.getBaseUri());
System.out.println("Azure API Version : " + mclient.getApiVersion());
System.out.println("Azure의 Publishing ID : " + mclient.getCredentials().getSubscriptionId());

LocationsListResponse lresp = mclient.getLocationsOperations().list(); **// this line throws error**
ArrayList<Location> locations = lresp.getLocations();
System.out.println("Azure Regions : ");
for( int i=0; i<locations.size(); i++){
System.out.println("\t" + locations.get(i).getName());

The following error is throws

Azure URI path :
Azure API verion : 2014-10-01
Azure publishing ID : 92a65f9e-b6b6-4eaa-b5f7-e3180db19b62

[Fatal Error] :1:747: element type "n.length" next attribute ">" 또는 "/>"가 와야 합니다.
Exception in thread "main" <html> <head><script type="text/javascript">window.NREUM||(NREUM={}); = {"beacon":"","errorBeacon":"","licenseKey":"b39980acba","applicationID":"10503464,11287305","transactionName":"Y1VSYkBRWEIEWhcICVoffWBxH2VYEVwgDghAQl9aXlVEHjVYBAQ=","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":29,"ttGuid":"7E0843DBD8B8C0A","agent":""}</script><script type="text/javascript> <style>
body {
background-color: #1a1a1a;

.tutorial-icon svg use {
stroke: #00abec;
</style> </head> <body> <svg class="svg-definition"><defs><symbol id="azure" viewBox="-1 -1 34 34"><path d="M19,17.4c-0.8,0-1.5,0.5-1.9,1.2H5.3v0c-2,0-3.6-1.6-3.6-3.6s1.6-3.6,3.6-3.6v0h0h0H7

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function clearTextInput() {

</script> </body> </html>

Java SDK is integratede with Eclipse with Build Path.

Any idea? I need your information.

Answer Source

According to the error information, it seems that you used the incorrect uri for the ManagementConfiguration.

As I know, the URI for authenticating Azure Service Management is

More details for getting started with Azure Management Libraries for Java, please see the blog

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