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HTML Question

Adding links to <td>

Can't figure out the appropriate way for adding links to

, I have tried conventional
<a href"#"></a>
, but for some reason messes up the table and messes the CSS.

I have looked at other ways such as
, but I am not sure how to implement it.

<div id="fftime">
<table id="ff" class="ffstyle">
<td>07:00&nbsp;- 08:00</td>
<td rowspan="5">Sprint Training</td>
<td rowspan="5">Class 1</td>
<td rowspan="5">Class 2</td>
<td rowspan="5">Class 3</td>

Answer Source

If you want to put a link inside a <td> element, you just need to put a link inside a <td> element, like so:

<td><a href="#">MY TEXT</a></td>
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