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C# - Fingerprint Biometrics

We are wanting to add support for fingerprint authentication in a .Net 3.5 application.

We currently are only using the sdk from Griaule. But this only supports like 5 usb plug-and-play devices. We are wanting to support most readers included with laptops, tablets, etc.

Is there a universal way to support many devices? I know there is a new standard starting with Windows 7, but we want to support XP and higher.

Is there even a .Net SDK out there for UPEK or Authentec devices?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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I am going to say there is no such SDK for universal fingerprint reading.

After a week or so of researching, it looks like the only thing with promise is Windows 7's WBF (Windows Biometric Framework).

It will be a couple of years before this is a viable option.

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