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Javascript Question

What is the difference between Reactive-Extensions/RxJS and ReactiveX/rxjs

I am a bit confused. What is the difference between these libraries?

What is the differance between rx, @reactivex/rxjs rxjs on npm.

If you search npm there are multiple libraries for rxjs which one is the official?

Answer Source

RxJS 4 is hosted on:

RxJS 5 ( is in development and will replace RxJS 4 when its ready for production. on gtihub says:

Reactive Extensions Library for JavaScript. This is a rewrite of Reactive-Extensions/RxJS and is intended to supersede it once this is ready.

RxJS 5 is completely written in TypeScript and compiled to both as ES6 and ES5 (as a bundle in UMD format).

Also, RxJS 4 is now called rx and npm while RxJS 5 is rxjs now. The scoped one @reactivex/rxjs is probably just an older npm package (they both come from the same repo).

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