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Objective-C Question

How to know if new element added to NSArray

I have a massive

, with time.

For example: it would be

How to know that two elements added to massive? in the example, new elements added are 10 and 11.

Answer Source

So basically you just need to remove the old elements and show the new elements.

You can try by using removeOjbectsInArray method of NSMutableArray

NSArray *oldArray = @[@"1",@"2",@"3",@"4",@"5",@"6"];
NSArray *newArray = @[@"1",@"2",@"3",@"4",@"5",@"6",@"10",@"11"];
NSMutableArray *result = [newArray mutableCopy]; // make sure you make it a mutable copy
// remove the existing elements
[result removeObjectsInArray:oldArray];
NSLog(@"remaining entry: %@",result);


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