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Node.js Question

What's the appropriate use of removeListener in this case?

Bot library for Discord,

bot.on('messageCreate', msg => {
// do some stuff
bot.removeListener('messageCreate', msg);

An error I get often is
listener must be a function
messageCreate is fired when a message is received, msg is a reference to the message class, which contains the message id, author, etc.

What I'm trying to get is the bot waiting for a specific reply back from the user, such as Yes or No.

Answer Source

If bot is a Node's EventEmitter, you can use once method instead of on so that it automatically removes the listener after the listener is called once.

bot.once('messageCreate', msg => {
  // do some stuff
  // you don't need to remove the listener by yourself!

To straightly answer your question, the second argument of removeListener must be the listener function that you passed to on.

var listener = msg => {
  // do some stuff
  bot.removeListener('messageCreate', listener);
bot.on('messageCreate', listener);
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