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Swift Question

How to define all aspects of a new UIvariable in creation?

Im creaing a Program in swift where I have a "Test.swift" with a class containing some static variable. One of these variables is a

created like this :

static var textField1 : UITexField = UITextField()

The next thing I would now like to do is give this textField1 some aspects such as font and background colore such as this

static var textField1 : UITexField = UITextField()

Test.textField1.tintColor = UIColor.yellow()

It wount let me do this though because im nof in a function im still in the bare class, now I had the idea of creating a static function which than adds all the aspect and returns the finished Text Field, but I would rather do it somewhat like this :

static var textField1 : UITexField = UITextField(tintColor = UIColor.brown(), Font = etc.)

is this somehow achievable ?

Answer Source

Why not use extensions?

extension UITextField {
    static func textFieldWithFont(font : UIFont, tintColor : UIColor) -> UITextField {
        let textField = UITextField()
        textField.tintColor = tintColor
        textField.font = font
        return textField

You can use it like so:

let textField = UITextField.textFieldWithFont(UIFont.systemFontOfSize(17), tintColor: UIColor.yellowColor())
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