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Swift Question

Make a reverse filter

I have a tableview and I want to filter the data to show only the cells witch has a different date than today, like a reverse search.

I have this to show the cells with a certain date:

filtered = events.filter({ (aEvent : Tareas) -> Bool in
let tmp: NSString = aEvent.eventStatus
let range = tmp.rangeOfString("2016-11-24", options: NSStringCompareOptions.LiteralSearch)
return range.location != NSNotFound

I need to do the oposite, show the cells with a different date, is that posible?


You're massively overcomplicating this. There's no reason at all to be using Foundation data types here.

To keep events that do contain the desired date:

let desiredDate = "2016-11-24"
filtered = events.filter { $0.eventStatus.range(of: desiredDate) != nil }

To keep events that don't contain the desired date:

filtered = events.filter { $0.eventStatus.range(of: desiredDate) == nil }