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XCode 6: can't connect any IBOutlet to ViewController

After upgrading to Xcode 6, I opened an old project (that contains a subproject, so it has many targets)
and I noticed that no link from my Storyboard ViewContoller to the relative Objects works.

For example I have a ViewController with a TableView inside and now I cant do can't do anyhing with it because the connection is missing, I can't even redefine a new IBOutlet in the VC because the arrow in the storyboard from the VC won't connect to anything.

To be more clear:


The class is defined in the Custom Class section, so I can't find the problem


What should I do?
Btw I'm using obj-c not swift, I found some related answer but all about swift.


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You can also see that the link between the parent view and the custom class is broken (not visible anymore) which is a huge problem.

I had the exact same issue with the app i'm working on actually, updating XCode from 5.xxx to 6.1. The workaround that worked for me was to remove the reference of every view controller and re-add them to the project...

To everyone facing that issue, here's the (annoying) trick :

  • Step 1 : select both .h and .m view controller files
  • Step 2 : remove the reference of those files
  • Step 3 : re-add the files to your project tree
  • Step 4 : open the storyboard, eventually re-build the project and smile

I can understand those things could be reaaally annoying, but it worked for me... Hope it will help someone else !

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