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How to make a join query on Symfony with Doctrine?

I'm kinda stuck on using the querybuilder to create a join query.
There is a table called "Person" and a table called "Vacancy". If a person is linked to the vacancy the and is saved in a table called "Candidacy". So how do I get all the persons who are linke to 1?

So where do I have to initiate the AppBundle:Candidacy entity?

$entity = $em
->join('', 'c')
->where('c.vacancyId= 1')

Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

Example in your repository :

public function getPersonVacancy($personId) {
    $qb = $this->createQueryBuilder('p');
    $qb->leftJoin('p.vacancy', 'v');
    $qb->select('', '');
    $qb->where(' = :personId');
    $qb->setParameter('personId', $personId);
    return  $qb ->getQuery()->getResult();

This is to give you an example it may not work with copy paste. Also, all join methods are explained in doctrine documentation, feel free to read it

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