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Changing position of the Dialog on screen android

I made a simple

in my Activity:

View view = layoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.my_dialog, null);
AlertDialog infoDialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(MyActivity.this)


With above code, the dialog shows at the (about) the center of the screen.

I am wondering, how can I customize the dialog position to make it showing just under the top Action Bar ? (Is there anyway to change the gravity or something of the dialog?) and how to do it based on my code??

Answer Source

I used this code to show the dialog at the bottom of the screen:

Dialog dlg = <code to create custom dialog>;

Window window = dlg.getWindow();
WindowManager.LayoutParams wlp = window.getAttributes();

wlp.gravity = Gravity.BOTTOM;
wlp.flags &= ~WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_DIM_BEHIND;

This code also prevents android from dimming the background of the dialog, if you need it. You should be able to change the gravity parameter to move the dialog about

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