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e2e tests with protractor - how to return selected menu item from function inside page model

I have a menu

<ul class="menu">
with items
. In e2e tests I use page model.

In a spec I want to call page model function which:

  • check that only one menu item has class

  • return its index

My code

describe('Main screen and global navigation', () => {
class MainPage {
load() {

getMainMenuActiveItemIndex(): number {
let list = element.all(by.css('ul.menu li'));
// iterate somehow
return 0;

navigate(itemClass: string) {
let menuItem = element(by.css('ul.menu li.' + itemClass));

let p = new MainPage();

beforeEach(function () {
it('should navigate to subpages', () => {

I know that
return promise. But I don't know how to return result of this promise from function i.e. how to resolve promise before returning function value.

Or maybe should I return promise from function instead of number?

Answer Source

This is how you need to do it,

 getMainMenuActiveItemIndex() {
     return element.all(by.css('ul.menu li')).getAttribute('class').then((classArray) => {
          for(let i = 0; i < classArray.length; i++){
            if (classArray[i].indexOf('selected') > -1){
                 return i;
          return -1; //if none of the li element have class `selected` then return -1
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