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Regular expression on Python to split string by symbol without deleting

I am trying to write a function that does something like this:

>> foo("String. New sentence. And again.")
["String.", "New sentence.", "And again."]

I read the documentation on
and wrote this code:

def foo(string):
return re.split(r'([.!?])', string)

This function outputs keeps the punctuation, but separates it from the sentences:

["String", ".", "New sentence", ".", "And again", "."]

I want to have the 3 whole sentences separated.

How can I improve this function?

Answer Source

Include the characters before the ending delimiter, and try re.findall:

>>> import re
>>> s = "String. New sentence. And again."
>>> re.findall(r'[^ ].*?[.!?]', s)
['String.', 'New sentence.', 'And again.']

The [^ ] means we're looking for something that doesn't start with a space. The .*? means any characters, not including the [.!?] that follows them.

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