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Seaborn: using boxplot cause running out of memory

I would like to plot three boxplots for 1, 2 and 3

values (these is the only distinct values it has). That boxplots should show dependency height on weight category(

So I have such dataframe:

print data.head(5)

Height Weight weight_cat
1 65.78331 112.9925 1
2 71.51521 136.4873 2
3 69.39874 153.0269 3
4 68.21660 142.3354 2
5 67.78781 144.2971 2

Such try below finally eats all my ram, that is not normal, I believe:

Seaborn.boxplot(x="Height", y="weight_cat", data=data)

What is wrong here? This is the link to manual. Shape of dataframe is (25000,4). This the link to the csv file.
This is how you can get the same data:

data = pd.read_csv('weights_heights.csv', index_col='Index')
def weight_category(weight):
newWeight = weight
if newWeight < 120:
return 1

if newWeight >= 150:
return 3

return 2

data['weight_cat'] = data['Weight'].apply(weight_category)

Answer Source

Swap the x and y column names:

import seaborn as sns
sns.boxplot(x="weight_cat" y="Height", data=data)

Currently, you are trying to create a chart with as many boxplots as there are different height values (which are 24503).

This worked for me with your data:

enter image description here


If you want to display your boxplot horizontally, you can use the orient argument to provide the orientation:

sns.boxplot(x='Height', y='weight_cat', data=data, orient='h')

Notice that in this case, the x and y labels are swapped (as in your question).

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