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Can't get MoPub set up with

Using, I included the MoPub package into my iOS App and set up my UI with a banner and an interstitial ad. Everything builds fine without any warnings, and the app does show the test ads in both variants.

But the Fabric application in OS X does not recognize my app running. It gets notified about the successful build, but in the next step "Verifying Installation…", after a while it says "Hmmm, seems like your kit isn't activating". Note that I am using a real iPhone device, no simulator.

Also, the portal says "Include the MoPub Kit from your plugin to get started!"

Any hints?

Answer Source

So, the solution was rather simple: Prior to MoPub I already had included the Twitter package of (TwitterKit). Therefore I had the sequence


in a submodule init(). This collided with the statement

Fabric.with([Twitter.self, MoPub.self])

which is located in AppDelegate. After deleting the first (Twitter-only) initialization statement, everything now works.

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