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Python Question

How to increase chance of item being randomly generated?

I'm working on some Python code, just messing around. The purpose of my algorithm is to generate a 256x256 grey square with green mossy bits. The algorithm does not actually generate the pixels, it just compiles a dictionary with 65536 attributes, either "Grey" or "Green, RGB colour code". I want to generate a mossy looking slab, and I would like to have clumps of green. Is it possible to increase the chance of having multiple occurrences of the generated value "Green" in a row, either with the Random module ir through another technique?

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You can use random.choice() to get random value from the list. Increase the occurrence of Green by the amount you want to increase the probability of it's occurrence. For example:

>>> import random

>>> color = ['Green', 'Green', 'Red', 'Blue']    
# Here probability of generating:
#      "Green": 50%
#      "Red"  : 25%
#      "Blue" : 25%

# For getting the number from list, do:
>>> random.choice(color)
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