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Black bars with HDMI Adapter on iPad 2

My app supports HDMI Output.

I asked the code for the resolution of the TV and got 1920 x 1080 px for


OK, everything fine. I've setup my views and tried it on the TV ...

BUT: There were black bars on the bottom / top / sides of the screen though the TV was detected correctly as 1920 x 1080 and my view is also set up correctly?

Why is the format wrong?

P.S. When I mirror the home screen, it also shows the bars, when I watch a video with the Youtube App, the black bars disappear?

Thank you for your help!


OK, although I got this output in my console:

A new screen got connected: <UIScreen: 0x3439a0; bounds = {{0, 0}, {1920, 1080}}; mode = <UIScreenMode: 0x345240; size = 1920.000000 x 1080.000000>>

... I still get the black frame. I init my view with
for test purposes.

This is the view I can see on my screen (note the black bars):

enter image description here

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externalScreen.overscanCompensation = UIScreenOverscanCompensationInsetApplicationFrame;
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