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Rails 4 - Wicked pdf file send via email

In rails 4, I am using

gem 'wicked_pdf', '1.0.3'
gem 'wkhtmltopdf-binary', ''
for pdf generation. I am downloading it as a file,

respond_to do |format|
format.pdf do
render :pdf => "#{}_file",
:disposition => "attachment",
:save_to_file => Rails.root.join('public/download_pdfs', "#{}_file.pdf"),
:layout => false

Here, I am sending this file via mail by adding this line in controller
Email.deliver_sample_file_mail(@user, "#{Rails.root}/public/download_pdfs/#{}_file.pdf")

In mailer,

def send_invoice_pdf_mail(user, file_path)
filename = file_path.split("/").last
attachments["#{filename}"] =
mail(:to =>, :subject => "File has been sent") do |format|
format.html { render :partial =>"/emails/users/sample", :locals=>{:user=>user}, :layout=>"email"}

Now the issue is both download file and email send is happening together.

How can I avoid file download feature? And how can I generate
file so that it should send only to an email id?

Answer Source

You can save file as below without download

pdf = render_to_string pdf: "#{}_file", encoding: "UTF-8"

# then save to a file
save_path = Rails.root.join('public/download_pdfs','#{}_file.pdf'), 'wb') do |file|
  file << pdf

Hope, this will Help you.

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