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C++ Question

C++ Bubble sort clarification

Could someone please help to clarify what this question wants me to do as I haven't come across bubble sort before. Thanks

"Task 6 - Implementing a simple bubble sort with for…loops
Bubble sort is a fun little sorting mechanism that is relatively efficient for sorting small amounts of data into order. Study to following partial implementation of a Bubble sort and implement the highlighted missing code using appropriate nested

for loops."

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
int array[100], input, n, b, swap;

cout << "Enter number of elements\n";
cin >> n;

cout << "Enter " << n << " integers\n";

for (input = 0; input < n; input++)
cin >> array[input];

//add an outer for loop (b) from 0 to n-1
//COM357 - Objected Oriented Programming Week 4

//include a nested for loop (c) from 0 to n – b - 1
//if the item in array location ‘c’ > than the item in
//location c + 1, then swap these elements(hint: use a temp
// variable to store one of the item while you perform the
// swap).
// }
cout << "Sorted list in ascending order:\n";

for (int output = 0; output < n; output++)
cout << array[output] << " \n";

return 0;

Answer Source
for (b=0; b<n-1; b++)
 for (c=0; c<n-1-b; c++)
  if (a[c+1] < a[c])/* compare the two neighbors */
   temporary = array[c];   
   array[c] = array[c+1];
   array[c+1] = temporary;
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