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Python merge two counter objects, keeping the largest sum

If I have two counter objects and I would like to merge them, adding new values from one and keeping the largest count if the two counters contain the same values.

Counter a = { "apple":3, "peach":1, "pears":7, "watermelon":2, "grapes":7 }

Counter b = { "apple":12, "kiwi":9, "grapes":2, "pears":21, "pineapple":2, "oranges":2 }

#desired output
counter c = { "apple":12, "pears":21, "grapes":7 "peach":1, "watermelon":2, "pineapple":2, "oranges":2}

Currently I've tried updating the counter but that seems to merge the two counters but sums their counts. I would just like to merge the counters and keep the largest value or add to the counter if there isn't one already.

Answer Source

After OP edited their question, the desired output can be achieved by simply using the bitwise or ('|') operator:

from collections import Counter

a = Counter({ "apple":3, "peach":1, "pears":7, "watermelon":2, "grapes":7 })

b = Counter({ "apple":12, "kiwi":9, "grapes":2, "pears":21, "pineapple":2, "oranges":2 })

c = a | b

>> Counter({'pears': 21, 'apple': 12, 'kiwi': 9, 'grapes': 7, 'watermelon': 2, 'oranges': 2,
            'pineapple': 2, 'peach': 1})
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