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Deep path query using wildcard as a path

I have data in which I've tried to follow Firebase's advice about flat structure so I'm not pulling more than I need. The net result is I have quotes organised in nodes like this:

quotes -> clientName -> quoteObject

the quoteObjects have a 'dateCreated' value, and I want to be able to pull this data like so (for when I'm pulling one big list of all the quotes for a specific page, I then use object assign to make one big array of objects to display) :

const quotesRef = firebase.database().ref('quotes');
quotesRef.orderByChild('dateCreated').on('value', snapshot => {
// function

Unfortunately the dateCreated value is more than one level deep so the standard query doesn't work. I know you can do a deep path query if you know the parent path, but in my case the clientName parent is always unique. Given this, is it possible to specify a kind of wildcard path? If so how would I go about that? Cheers!

Answer Source

Firebase will consider children of the location you run the query on. The child you specify to order/filter on can contain a path to a property, but it cannot contain any wildcards.

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